Assistant Editor (Part-Time & Freelance)

We’re seeking an experienced NYC-based Assistant Editor to work with us on some exciting upcoming projects. 

This is a part-time position for April through September, with the possibility to extend beyond as permanent position. Flexibility in scheduling is a huge plus. 

We are also seeking to add Freelance Assistant Editors to our roster so even someone with limited availability should consider applying. 

This is a perfect gig for an entry-level Assistant Editor who wants to learn more about the craft of storytelling and is passionate about social justice, but can bring enough experience to the table to seamlessly assume organizational and detail-oriented editing responsibilities. 

For now we work entirely in short form content so feature experience is neither required nor preferred. 

You will work with Fineas's Director / Senior Editor to prepare, finish, and deliver short form documentaries and scripted PSA's. We have clear-cut systems for how to prepare and organize footage inside of Premiere, how to develop string-outs based on paper edits, and pull BROLL selects. Much of the work is of a technical, organizational nature. That said, we are an inherently collaborative and fun team and appreciate all perspectives, input and ideas for edits.

1) At least one solid year of experience as an Assistant Editor
2) Strong media management abilities -- understanding of DIT and organizational systems
3) Solid understanding of codecs, hardware systems and the nuances of Premiere. Must be a technically-oriented individual.
4) Must know Premiere inside and out (no other software is needed) and various plug-ins.
5) Some experience with color correction required (command of Premiere Pro Lumetri is a must). At a bare minimum you can do a basic correction with Lumetri and have a good eye for discerning which clips can be fixed in post and which can't. 
6) Must be a master with image correction features in Premiere such as Warp Stabilizer and the Noise reduction plug-in
7) Basic audio mixing abilities
8) Formatting deliverables for final delivery
9) Must be a wiz at frankenbyting

MUST have above average technical abilities and extraordinary attention to detail. 
MUST be extremely organized. 
MUST have a strong eye for aesthetics and know which shots are usable. 

We will give special consideration to candidates who have... 

1) Experience creating snappy, compelling sizzles and promo material
2) After Effects background
3) Color correction expertise
4) Audio mixing expertise

- Organize projects at the inception of each edit (sync sound, following a strict protocol and organizational system we have developed) 
- Pull BROLL selects (just pulling out usable shots) 
- Organize voice-over (we have a system for this) 
- Create string-outs based on a paper edit (finding corresponding clips to a transcript based on detailed instruction)
- Assist in finding music
- Make detailed changes based on client feedback, with explicit step-by-step directions from the Snr. Editor

1) You must submit a cover letter stating your interest and which of the qualifications listed here you meet. 

2) At the top of your cover letter please include the following:
A - Any notes on availability for April - September, or your preference for freelance or part-time work
B - Add a link to your LinkedIn page
C - At least two links to short projects you’ve edited
D - Any After Effects or color grading examples if applicable
E - A sizzle you've edited (can be your own but doesn't have to be)